My two favorite courses to teach are International Political Economy and Human Rights, but I have broader teaching interests in international relations (introduction to IR, global issues, politics of trade and finance),  comparative politics (introduction to CP, development), and research methods and design.

I have several years of university teaching experience. For convenience, I’ve listed the courses and syllabi below. I’m happy to share teaching resources, especially simulation materials and instructions. I also developed an online laboratory component for introduction to statistics for Oxford College of Emory, and am happy to discuss the process of integrating online learning experiences.

At Oxford College of Emory University:

Introduction to Statistics (Fall 2017)

Introduction to Statistics lab (Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Spring 2019)

Intermediate International Relations (Spring 2017)

Research Design (Spring 2017, Fall 2018)

At University of Georgia:

Politics of International Trade and Finance (Fall 2016)

Human Rights (Spring 2016 )

Introduction to Global Issues (Fall 2015, Spring 2017)

Introduction to International Relations (Fall 2015 , Spring 2016)

Introduction to Comparative Politics (Spring 2015)

Politics of Development (Spring 2015, Fall 2016)

International Political Economy (Fall 2014, Summer 2016, Summer 2017)



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