Broadly, my research straddles the subfields of international and comparative political economy and security. More specifically, my research interests revolve around the economic causes and socioeconomic consequences of political violence.

The core of my dissertation addresses the misaligned operationalization of development by policymakers and academics. I argue that the focus by both groups on GDP growth has led to human suffering in the form of restrictive austerity measures as well as missed warning signs of imminent economic and humanitarian crises. The centerpiece of this project is generating an index of development that incorporates health, human capital, environmental sustainability, and economic stability. I am currently editing two chapters of my dissertation to send out as journal articles.

Another major component of my research agenda involves exploring the way global economic actors, like multinational corporations or sovereign creditors, respond to events of electoral violence. The first article in this agenda is published at the Journal of Global Security Studies, and I intend to have another article under review in the fall.

Finally, I also have a strong interest in how shaming campaigns undertaken by human rights organizations influence state behavior in increasing respect or repression of human rights. One paper related to this agenda is published at The Journal of Human Rights. A second has a revise and resubmit decision at a separate journal.

Additionally, while working on my dissertation, I discovered how much fun measurement is, and have been working on several projects addressing human rights measurement, state capacity, and international sensitivity.

For more information about the status of specific projects, please visit publications and conferences.


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