Publications and Submitted Manuscripts

Research Interests

My research straddles the subfields of international relations and comparative politics, or more specifically the fields of political economy and security studies. I am most interested in the ways global capital influences and reacts to instances of political violence. Using quantitative methods, I primarily investigate questions focused on the political economy of the repression-dissent nexus, in particular questions relating to the effectiveness of human rights organization naming and shaming campaigns, the consequences of electoral violence, and how revenue shocks impact respect for human rights. In short, I am most interested in the economic causes and consequences of government misbehaviour.

Additionally, as an undergrad at the time of the Great Recession, I have an enduring interest in sovereign credit rating, debt, and default, and I maintain a few ongoing research projects investigating the relationship between institutions and sovereign default.

Peer Reviewed Publications:

“The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Human Rights Practices: Findings from the Human Rights Measurement Initiative’s 2021 Practitioner Survey” with K. Chad Clay, Mennah Abdelwahab, Morgan Jane Barney, Tori Hawley, Thalia Rowden, Meridith Lavelle, Asia Parker, and Matthew Rains, Journal of Human Rights¸ forthcoming

“Risky Business: Foreign Direct Investment and the Economic Consequences of Electoral Violence” with Austin Doctor, Journal of Global Security Studies (RiskyBusiness2019JoGSS)

“Worth the Risk? HRO Shaming and Sovereign Credit Rating” with Shelby Hall, Journal of Human Rights
(Publicity and Perceptions of Risk)

Submitted Manuscripts:

“Repudiation and Repression: The Human Costs of Sovereign Default”

“Women’s Rights and Sovereign Credit Rating” (with K. Anne Watson)

“Heavy Lifting: Respect for Collective Labor Rights and Inequality” (with Skip Mark, Asia Parker, and Meridith LaVelle)

“Remittances and Electoral Contestations” (with Bora Jeong)

“Personalist Legitimation and Human Rights Abuses” (with Matthew Rains and Meridith LaVelle)

Working Projects:

“Inequality and Ill-Treatment” (with Danny Hill)

“Sovereign Credit and the Economic Consequences of Election Violence”

“Politics After War: Rebel to Party Transformation and Electoral Violence” (with Austin Doctor)

“Naming, Shaming, and AGOA Termination” (with Meridith LaVelle and Travis Curtice)

“Personalism and Economic and Social Rights” (with Matthew Rains and Meridith LaVelle)

“Distinguishing Debt Type Makes a Difference” (manuscript)

“Dictators in Default” (manuscript)

“Multinationals and the Conflict Trap” (with Austin Doctor)

“ISHHED: The Index of Sustainable, Health, Human Capital, and Economic Development” (manuscript)


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